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Tristan Aguilar is keeping a big secret. But there’s one man he can’t hide from any longer…

“Thank you, Daddy.” Three little words uttered in a moment of weakness that have the power to undo all the years of progress Tristan has made as the mayor of River Gorge. 

“Thank you, Daddy.” Three little words Gibson Carr had never dreamed he would hear come from his best friend’s gorgeous mouth. 

But once the words are out there, Tristan can’t take them back or laugh them off as a joke, because Gibson isn’t having it. He’s wanted Tristan since he was old enough to know what wanting was, and he has no intention of letting fear keep them apart. 

Mayor Tristan may have big plans for their small town, but Daddy Gibson has big plans for the mayor. 


Come along with Gibson and Tristan as they learn how to transition from a forty-year friendship to love… all with the added pressure of an election year.

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