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This lost boy needs a Daddy to take the reins ... 


Nolan Carter is incredibly successful and wealthy. On paper, it seems he's gotten everything he could want. But he's lost himself along the way. 


When Nolan retreats to a Texas ranch he bought on a whim, hoping to figure out who he is without the influence of life coaches and socialites, he meets foreman Cruz Coban. Cruz is everything Nolan isn't: self-assured, comfortable in his skin, and commanding. 


And he wants to take charge of Nolan too. Because Cruz is a Daddy. 


Nolan has never had a Daddy before, but when Cruz takes the reins, Nolan feels accepted for who he is inside: a geeky boy who wants to be loved. 


But keeping Cruz means riding off into the sunset of an entirely different life. And take charge or not, Daddy can't make this decision for him. Their happy ending is in Nolan's hands, and for once, this lost boy knows exactly where he belongs.

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