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Shielding the Superstar

Ryan Barnes isn't a country music fan, but when one of Nashville’s most popular musicians finds himself in need of a bodyguard, Hart Security gets the call.

After almost twenty years in the public eye, Colton Montgomery has finally gone public with the truth about his sexuality. He has one last tour planned, and he is going out on his own terms. As an out and proud gay man.

When strange gifts start appearing in his penthouse apartment, his manager insists on a bodyguard. He agrees, but only if the bodyguard agrees to pretend to be his boyfriend to help preserve his tough guy image.

Ryan is no stranger to odd requests from clients and pretending in public to be the hot country stars boyfriend is no hardship. But the more Ryan gets to know about Colton Montgomery, the more he likes him, as a man, not as a superstar, and pretending in public starts to feel a lot like something real in private. 

Colton may be the one in physical danger, but both men’s hearts are on the line.


Other Books in the Series

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