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Trusting You,
Trusting Me

I used to believe in true love and happy ever after, but my ex taught me that not all men are prince charming… and that I can’t trust myself to tell the difference.

I had a plan for my life: a husband, a couple of kids, and a successful career in animal medicine. For a short time, it looked like I was going to get everything I wanted. But my prince turned into a frog, and I was left trying to navigate life as a single dad.

Then along comes Ash Sutherland, and our one-night stand turns into so much more. Once again, I can see a path to the future I always dreamed of. But what if I’m wrong, and just like before I’m seeing something that isn’t real?

The longer I’m around him, the easier it is for me to believe that this time I might get it right. If he can learn to trust others after all he has been through, then surely, I can do the same.

But when family secrets from his past come to light, will our newfound love be strong enough to weather the storm?

Trusting You, Trusting Me features an adorable dog, a mischievous set of twin boys, and two men who are learning to trust, not only each other but themselves. This book is set in the same world as the Hart Security books.


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