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Cowboy Rules

Rule # 4 - No Dating only hooking up

"You're right until now I haven’t dated. Ever. But for you, Lincoln Reynolds, I will. So what do you say? Will you go on a date with me?” 

Lincoln Reynolds grew up cowboy. And that meant when you got thrown off a horse, you cowboy up and shake it off. You don't show fear, you don't let it shake you, and you never let them see you cry.

Matt has stood by and watched as each of his friends has found love, and he's truly happy for them. It isn’t that he doesn’t believe in love, he just knows it isn’t for him. And he had been fine with that until the night that strong cowboy fell apart in his arms. Now he wants nothing more than to be the one person Lincoln can lean on.

But for these two men to be together, Lincoln will have to realize it takes a strong man to admit when he is weak, and Matt will have to realize that everyone deserves a happy ever after.

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