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Work Rules

Rule #2 - No Dating Co-workers


If you had to wear a warning sign what would it say? We’ve all seen that question make the rounds on the internet. That’s easy, if I had to wear a warning sign it would say Not Enough. That’s what my parents taught me when they tossed me out at fifteen when I came out as gay. That’s what my long-term boyfriend taught me when he cheated on me and made it clear he never saw me as forever material. So yeah, maybe I sleep around a bit. But sex is easy. There is no risk involved in a one-night stand, and I have to say that worked just fine for me. Until Alex.


I know one thing, even though I’ve never been in a relationship with a man before, I want Nathan… and not just for a night. I thought getting him to break his rule about not dating

co-workers would be my biggest problem. But convincing the beautiful man he's worthy of a forever-relationship is proving to be the greatest challenge of all. But I’m willing to try because I won’t settle for anything less than everything with Nathan, and I know he’s worth it.

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