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Family Rules

Rule #1 - No dating men who have children.


I’ve done the picket fence thing, and that didn't work out for me, but now that I’m finally out of the closet and single… I want some spice. Something or someone who’s just for me. One-night stands aren’t really my thing—not when I have my daughter, Emma, to think about. But when a night with friends throws me in the path of a gorgeous but determined flirt and eternal bachelor, I have to make a hard decision. I feel instantly drawn to him with feelings more primal and genuine than I’ve ever felt before. This guy isn’t looking for permanent, though, and even the idea of kids makes him look ready to bolt. Too bad I can’t seem to keep my hands off the man.


I have three rules for dating: no co-workers, no repeats, and absolutely no kids involved. And, quite frankly, I’ve never even felt tempted to break them. Until Mark. The adorable, geeky accountant makes my pulse race despite my better judgment. But the guy is a father. And I know from past experience, that’s a hard pass for me. So I vow to keep Mark safely in the friend zone… which turns into the friends with benefits zone… which very quickly veers sharply into the zone I swore I’d never consider. The forever zone.

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