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Snowflake Kisses

Silk, lace, and cupcakes. What else could he want in a man?

Frankie Taylor is a pastry chef in need of a fresh start, and Cap Roberts is a coffee shop owner in need of a pastry chef. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

When Devin “Cap” Roberts hired Frankie to make the pastries for his coffee shop, it was supposed to be a business arrangement. But once he discovers something that leaves him wondering what Frankie has on underneath his clothes, business is the last thing on Cap’s mind.

As a newly single father, Cap is risking not only his heart but that of his daughters as well. However the more he gets to know Frankie, the more he realizes that a man like him only comes along once in a lifetime—and a love like theirs is worth taking a chance for.

Snowflake Kisses is a standalone book in the Snowed In - Valentine’s Inc. series, which are only connected by the same writing prompt.

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