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Reining in the Bad Boy

What kind of loser pretends to have a boyfriend?

Oh, yeah, that’s me, Landon Nichols. I’m the loser. In my defense, I didn’t actually make up a boyfriend. My mom just assumed I had one, and I figured if it made her feel better to think I had someone in my life, then what could it hurt? Nothing, right?

Until she decides I need to bring my pretend boyfriend home for a visit. I don’t want to lie to my mom, but I don’t want to worry her either. I’m flat out of excuses and I have no idea what to do.

Then in walks Miller Monroe. Miller has a reputation as a bad boy, so imagine my surprise when he insists on going with me to see my family. But I’m a horrible liar, and I know I’ll never pull off a fake relationship.

His solution? We’ll date, just as friends, so I won’t be lying. For a guy who is supposed to be terrified of commitment, Miller is awfully committed to making this fake boyfriend thing work, and now I have a whole new problem…

What kind of loser falls for his fake boyfriend?

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