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Never Let Go

One retired Navy officer used to being in charge.

One younger man who doesn’t want anyone telling him what to do.

Donovan McCall spent twenty years in the Navy, and he’s looking forward to an uneventful retirement where no one answers to him. He’ll raise his rabbits, take care of his chickens, and enjoy the quiet life he’s building on his farm in River Gorge.

He’s planned for everything. Well, everything except a sexy young tattoo artist who steals his heart, calls him Daddy and challenges him to rethink what he really wants.

Maverick has always liked stronger, older men, but that doesn’t mean he wants someone to order him around. Or does it?

When they both realize what they crave is the exact opposite of what they thought they wanted, Donovan and Maverick will have to work together to figure out how to get what they really want. Each other.

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